Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bath Time

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To me bar a pampering spree at a spa, the utmost in relaxation has to be good old bubble baths.
There is nothing nicer than running yourself a lovely bath, having someone run one for you would be all the more glorious.. I digress.

For my lovely bath there are a few products I like to use.

To bubble my bath and perfume my entire house with absolute divineness, I use Agent Provocateurs Bubble Luscious.
I have raved about this product before, but it really is just sublimely stunning stuff.
I used alliteration there to really drive home how yummy it is!

When bathing I usually use Seba med to wash off my Make-up, It is soap free and for sensitive skin. It works wonders and deeply cleanses. I have been using seba med on and off for years thanks to my mum, she is also a huge fan of it.
 My skin is always wonderfully moisturised after use and never has any adverse reaction to it. It also if fragrance free which I like.

 On my body I use Agent Provocateurs milk body wash to...well to wash my body.
It comes out a glistening gold liquid and turns in to a milky golden elixir on your body. It leaves your skin soft, gleaming and smelling exquisite.

Finally I use M&S’ sugar scrub to exfoliate my legs. I love this stuff, it’s a truly great and affordable sugar scrub that’s not too course and doesn’t sting like MANY do!

After all my preening and pruning is done, I lie in the bath and relax...but I do get out before I ‘actually’ prune. Not a good luck.

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