Sunday, February 26, 2012

My stay at the G

I am feeling a lot better every day, and thanks to my dad sending me off to Galway for a spa break at the G hotel.
To say I am feeling relaxed and rejuvenated would be an understatement.

The hotel was Designed by the renowned  and incredibly talented milliner, Philip Treacy.
I absolutely LOVE Philips hats and REALLY hope to own one of his creations some day. 
Staying in a room designed by him is really something special. 

The theme of millinery runs through the rooms from the lamps to the pictures hanging on the wall. 
It’s a very special and shell inspired place. 
Here’s a few pictures of the tranquil room I stayed in.

Anywhere that has cupcakes waiting for you upon arrival is OK by me

Obviously for privacy reasons I didn’t take any pictures of inside the spa. 
This picture is a screen grab from the G hotels website.
It really was blissful though the spa includes features such as the vitality pool, water wall, Crystal steam room, Ice Fountain, Rain shower, Rock Sauna, Lifestyle shower, Heated loungers, atmospheric lighting, beautiful infused showers the lot. 
I adored it and will be back again for another relaxing break.

 I ventured in in to Galway and stumbled upon a  L’Occitane store.
I wanted to find out more about their products so I went in for a pooch around. 
I was given samples of their shampoo and so far so good, I definitely think I will be purchasing a bottle. 
I also love the smoothing gloss I was given a sample of, my hair is super shiny at the moment, a little bit of the product goes a long way as you can run the risk of over using it and making your hair heavy and dull.

In the shop I got talking to a fellow blogger. A very nice girl who blogs about style. 
She wrote her site name down for me so once I unpack and find the note I will definitely link to her.

 To top the indulgence off, I bought some macaroons from a store in Moycullen, Galway.
Sad part is these pretty little treats once out of the box and in my mouth were repugnant. 
Soggy crumbly little blighters. 
Not very macaroonie at all.
They looked pretty thats about it. 
From what I have tasted  Irish companies should leave the fine cookie trade to the French or Italians. 
Very disappointing AND EXPENSIVE. 
I am SO tempted to name and shame the company... But I wont.
Now back to reality with a bang, I have a frightful hangover today... 
I really SHOULD NOT be going out at the moment but the temptation was too much last night.
Feeling rough now!
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