Monday, February 20, 2012

Black eyeliner and all that sparkles

Today I have felt entirely rotten.
This rottenness has manifested itself in my visage and my mood, I am a little bag of grump today, I am going to bed soon to sleep off my sorrow.

On a less whiney note, I am going through a huge thick eyeliner phase (when am I not?) so when I applied my make up I decided to keep my lips quite understated in order to draw the attention to my eyes.
If I had been going out- out and not just shopping with my Mother, I would have teamed this with a fine pair of fake eyelashes to give my lashes a little more definition.

I decided to keep my foundation to an minimum too as I have not been wearing make up for the bones of a month and do not want to start suddenly overwhelming my skin.
I feel naked not wearing red lipstick but I think this look suited a toned down lip. 

 On said shopping trip with my mother I spied these little beauties in a little shop and my mum generously bought them for me.
I just love them, I never really wear ear rings that dangle, Bit I just loved everything about these.
Thanks Mum, I am so pleased with them.
I cant wait to wear them. I really like Newbridge, and I am super glad they have brought this vintage line out, so many stunning pieces.
This may be the beginning of another addiction!.

This week I am going to attempt to NOT wear my hair up, It is getting out of control, My love for messy up-do's really has taken over.

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