Thursday, March 1, 2012

Getting back to normal...

The biggest problem with my “shop window” bedroom display is the dust. 

You need to dust 3-4 times a week to keep everything looking clean.   
I’ve not really been keeping on top of things of late. After my operation, movement was pretty limited, I was sore and afraid of myself. 

In my post about my op I didn’t go in to much detail about directly after the procedure. 
Thankfully it was a straight forward operation with no complications at all. 
I had a few frightening experiences in the recovery room. 
My blood pressure, which had been very low throughout the whole gallbladder ordeal dipped after they took the oxygen mask off me,  then there was a very low level of oxygen in my blood. 
I remained in the recovery room  for five hours. 
Once I was back in my room I had a surge of confidence thanks to the morphine I had been given during and after my op.  
I had a wonderful nurse who allowed me walk to the bathroom as opposed to using A FRICKEN BED PAN! The day I left the hospital and was no longer on a drip of pain relief, I really hurt myself trying to get out of my hospital bed. 
I had to ring for nurses, which was a massive blow to my confidence.  
To top off my sudden confidence crash, I had an excruciatingly painful journey home from Dublin to where I live. 
At  home I had another bad experience during the night and had to yell for help.
Naturally paranoia sets in and I became very cautious.  
A week post op when I started to feel more like my old self, I started to get back normal. 
I still took a highly cautious approach to my movement, dusting constantly wasn’t HIGH on my priority list...


Who knew tiding my bedroom could be so dangerous?  A heavily spiked shoe fell on from a height! I didn’t let that deter me.

rearranged dressing table
I have pretty much emptied, dusted, disinfected and refilled every drawer, dresser, nook and cranny in my room bedroom. 
I have a massive bin bag FILLED with old make up, Tattered clothing, rubbish and general mess. 
Here is a look at my’ NEW but still annoyingly the same looking after all my hard work room’!

you can never have enough red lipstick.


Foundations, blush, powder.

More eyeshadows, eyeliners, fake lashes,nail varnish.

After shower stuff, samples and ...stuff.
peti coats, shoes, clothes

Boxed stuff I want kept in boxes, clothes, undies, more stuff.

few frilly pants, ribbons, stockings, more bras.

A few bras

New Make up area.

I am such a clutter queen, I cant help it.

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