Monday, January 2, 2012

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Over the festive season I took a forced hiatus. 
I had planned on blogging about life in general,cakes and what not but Christmas night my mother fell very ill my plans went on the back burner.

It has only been the last few days that things have been getting back to normal and I’ve had the opportunity to take pictures and blog.

So here is a little snippet of a few gifts and things I picked up over the Holiday period. 

(I have a few more bits and bobs I will include in my next blog.)

Christian Louboutin shoes are my passion. I adore them .
The current shoe of my dreams 
are proving terribly elusive. 
I had planned on getting myself a pair off Lady Peeps for Christmas day, but the world hates me and every last pair in my size were nabbed before I could make a purchase...
So I had to make a last minute buy...

15 euro from Heatons
They did the job and were surprisingly comfortable for the price and height! 

 This is a gift from my mum and dad, Michael Kors rose gold watch. 
 I am not a watch kind of girl, But I genuinely love this piece. It is beautiful and the colour really complements pale Irish skin such as mine. I’ve worn it every day ever since. I may be changing my ways.

Another overwhelming gift from my Mum and Dad, this beautiful Amethyst and diamond gold ring.
I despise yellow gold. It makes my skin crawl. With me it’s usually platinum or nothing. But I wouldnt change a thing about this ring. I love it and can’t believe how lucky I am to have received such a lovely piece.

 This little beauty was purchased for me by a very lovely gentleman. It really is very me. 
He told me he wanted me to place it on my dressing table and that is exactly where I keep it. Adore.
 Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without some Stockings!
and  you can’t go wrong with Nylon stockings. I love this pair, a nice twist on the usual back seamed stocking! Ive a few more AP bits and bobs to show you in coming blogs!

My sister bought me a few pairs of earings, My inner Pat Butcher (R.I.P) squealed with deight! 
I love both pairs.
 My Sister also got me this little head piece, Which I adore also!
she got me a cute set of various lip glosses and a Barry M nail varnish 
(she must have been happy a few days before Christmas when I told her I was TRYING to give up wearing red nail varnish every single day)
 Another little gem from my parents, Betsey Johnson night wear

 I am a huge Betsey fan and I nearly died when I saw these in a store, my mum told me they were horrid and not to buy them, the little sneak returned the next day and picked them up for me...  so snug and warm, perfect for the winter. Im delira!

Next up is this little Red Pencil skirt from Top Shop
 In Katieland you just CANT go wrong with a pencil skirt, this one is like a jumper hugging your legs.
My mum picked it up for me in Top Shops sale. 

M&S don't just make yum mince pies they also make the odd lovely bra!

 I picked this little cutie of a bra for myself  just after Christmas, Its a long line balconette bra. Its just so 40's, floral and CUTE.

This is the Chanel rings I bought for my mum- it is so strange SHE was going to buy it for ME. But dad knew I had already bought it for her so convinced her not too. Great minds and all that!!! I am DEFO going to get a trick out of it at some stage though! It just so happens we have the ECXACT same ring size, fancy that!haha

Here is a little picture of my Dressing table, just to show you how pretty my clock looks sitting on it.... I need to clear off a few bottles of perfume and place it a little more delicately!

 I hope everyone had a safe and happy time over the holidays.
Thank you to everyone who supported this blog over the last year
I wish you all a very happy and healthy new year
Love as always,

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