Monday, January 30, 2012

A little bit of this... a little bit of Tom Ford!

My absence from this blog has been totally unexpected. 
I have been in and out of hospital like a yo-yo over the last couple of weeks and spent my entire weekend on an trolley in A&E.
Bit of a nightmare really.

I will be out of action again next week as I am having surgery next Monday and will be in for a few days.
 I won’t be writing as regularly as I would like to for the foreseeable... 

Im not doing reviews on these products but I am planning on using in future make up look tutorials! WOO!.
I have so many ideas and looks I want to try out for this blog. 
I am quite excited about it.

Here is a few bits and bobs!!!

 I picked up two nice items from Topshop, a lip liner in a beautiful red and a very nice long lasting eyeliner in white.
These were actually surprisingly good quality and very easy to apply. 

Ive been using this lovely guerlain blush 4 eclats rose plein vent

The settings on my camera  went wonky on me today, I am far too dizzy to readjust the settings.
The blush is actually a lot lighter in reality, I will have better pictures and swatches on my skin in forthcoming blogs. 
It is  a really pretty and fresh looking blush. It also smells super yum!

...A few posts ago I promised myself I would stop buying MAC... then this happened
  Despite also trying to not wear red lipstick so much, I have fallen in love with a whopper lipstick from mac with a pretty straight forward name...
MAC red. 
Totally love it. 
Its not as dark as Ruby Woo and isn't Matt, looks beautiful on.
My camera settings again went shitto on me here, so just trust me that it looks pretty!

For eyeshadows I am now devoted to Gleam and All that glitters.
I've been wearing these two together, Very shimmery, subtle and pretty.

  I have been using MAC eyebrow pencil in STUD. 
I used to use this product all the time, but after I stopped commuting to Dublin for college I didn't get to a MAC counter as often as I used too so I got lazy and started to use an angle brush and powder my eyebrows
This really is one of the best for defined eyebrows and comes in a variety of shades for all hair and skin types.

....Oh Tom Ford, I love you so
 The following Foundation is for my mum, I am going to nip back to Dublin after my surgery and nab a lighter liquid shade for myself, They are absolutely divine!.
Sahara Haze Eyeshadow quad 
I have not used this yet, but FLIP! I am dying to!!!!!
So stunningly beautiful, Cant wait to do a smokey eye.
Just too stunning, I honestly think they are worth the money...
Just look at the darling little brushes and stunning packaging. I am bias I think.


 Oh and the BEAUTIFUL, STUNNING, AMAZING Gentle man at the counter gave me three rather generous samples of my choice from the STUNNING Tom Ford Fragrances
Violet Blonde

Jasmine Musk

Private Blend TobaccoVanille
I am in scent heaven!!!!


Girlwiththeskew-earring said...

Oh you Bloody Lucky cow!

Hope you recover from your surgery really quickly and that you are back to blogging soon! Can't wait to read the next posts...

Sarah said...

Oh my, you poor thing! Wishing you a speedy recovery, that is vile vile vile! Loving the Tom Ford bits, his fragrances are just divine aren't they? My favourite is Tuscan Leather, b-e-a-utiful!


Kitty Catastrophe said...

Lovely bits and bobs m'lady! Good luck with the surgery and recovery, you'll fly it!

cornflakegirl said...

Best of luck with the surgery and I hope you recover quickly.

So jealous of your Tom Ford stuff.

Dee said...

Omg what a delish array of stuff! Gleam eyeshadow is ingriguing x

Dee said...

Oh feck and get well soon! xxxx

La Dama said...

You lucky biatch!
love the gleam eyeshadow amor.