Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Scouse Brow and my skin care routine

I haven’t been blogging as frequently as I would have liked to due to a 2 week stay at my boyfriends in Cumbria.  
During that time we had no internet and I, being the actual star that I am, got sick for the entire holiday.
 It goes without saying during the whole time I looked extremely glamorous... pretty sure I didn’t brush my hair for an entire week, CLASSY.
Anyway, I am back now and apparently I have 'scouse brow' Its not SCOUSE its STRUCTURED but thanks for pointing that out for me... I love twitter haha

I had a massive make up clear out over the weekend. It broke my heart.
Goopy nail varnishes, dried out lippies, abandoned mascara and some pretty grotesque eye shadows were parted with. 
It was so difficult to do as I am an absolute filthy hoarder. I always want to keep my old products even though most are horrifically outdated, probably unsafe to wear and totally minging...

This is what I am left with, there is FAR too much MAC there. I need to snap out of that MAC state of mind!

                                     In happier news, I struck gold in Penneys on Saturday

Candy Kitten Glamorous lashes- 1.50 each, Absolute bargain!  
Definitely going to be wearing these a lot over the holiday party season. I will take pictures and give you the low down on them after I’ve had the chance to glam up!.

 I thought it would be a good idea to show you all what I have been using lately in my attempt to regain some lustre I lost during my bout of illness and to survive the winter weather.

I have been wearing my old faithful Ponds face cream in Hydronourisihing, I have blogged about how much I love this cream in great detail before so I wont bang on about it.

As mentioned on recently,adding a drop or two of MACs  care blend essential oils or any other facial oil to your foundation can really be your skins saving grace to battle the horrible winter harshness. 

 Personally my eyes have been looking a little strained, So I have been really upping my game with the old eye cream. You are never to young to start. I’ve been using Creme De La Mer’s  the eye concentrate. 
This stuff is incredible. It reacts so well with my skin. I don’t have any obvious wrinkles, but my dark circles were very bad. Although still in existence thanks to this and another cream I have been using in rotation, they have dramatically reduced and I am very pleased .
 The other cream is by La Prairie, Skin Caviar Luminesent Veil. I’ve used it under my eyes to beat the dark circles more so than wrinkles... I actually really loved this when I used it and plan on doing a more detailed review soon.

To keep my lips in good condition what with all the travel, vomming, coughing and of course the cold weather we have been having,  I’ve lashed on Creme De La Mer lip balm. 

If you want soft hydrate lips, Use this stuff. A little goes a very long way. It smells beautiful and feels so rich and yum on your lips. 
Very luxurious.

Now for a little rant, I try not to moan too much but...
 With certain brands you do not get much for being a loyal customer.  
I am probably braking some kind of blogger code by saying this, but in the interest of being honest... 

I am sick of SOME high end make up counters and a small but snobby, stuck up, pernickety power trippin’ staff.
One of the issues is the whole “we have no tester pots/ Bring your own pots/ we can’t fill up unofficial tester pots/ whack that foundation on your paw and see if it matches your face” customer care.  
I fully understand that companies don’t always send all stores tester pots and I understand they cannot give huge samples out willy nilly, but I am a huge believer in you need to TEST before you BUY, this is one of the reasons why beauty blogs are so popular, girls need to do their research see what suits girls with similar complexions etc.
Most of the brands that do a shade I can wear are not a cheap as I have a very pale complexion so most of the paler foundations can make me look very yellow or make my neck look too white.
Any time in recent memory I have asked for a tester/to have one of my sample pots filled, I have been turned down. 
This happens even at counters who have in the past  been more than happy to facilitate. 
I am in SERIOUS need of a good foundation at the minute, I’m rapidly running out of a custom blend I’ve mixed up and worn since summer (I have no shame). I’m dreading hunting for foundation tomorrow... 
It just urks me that some girls and guys on the counter can be so rude and dimissive to someone who wants to try out a product. 
 Am I the only one who gets annoyed about this? 


La Dama said...

Wecome back amor!
I wonder where you went, scouse brow? Never heard of it.
I love your gorgeous eyebrows.
I am usually always sick on birthdays and holidays due to my chiari/migraine condition.
Look at all that spectacular make up!
i am afraid i am a make up hoarder myself ,but not always buy name brands.
That is so rude in california i used to get all kinds of samples from the girls at the counters, i notice in uk they are greedy with their samples. Maybe you should complain email them.
I been wanting to try le mer face creams . So yay, a review would be awesome.
I use oil of olay creams since i was in my teens, never to early to start taking care of your skin. Ponds is also a great face cream. Although You have marvelous skin.
Looking foward to your face cream reviews.

Beauty Products said...

Thanks for sharing all these things with all. I really liked it.

Anonymous said...

Gah. I was faced with a very similar situation just this afternoon. I politely asked for a sample of a particular foundation, only for the counter assistant to screech (very loudly) "Sample?!" with a look of utter confusion / disbelief.
I explained that mearly testing a little smidge on my hand or neck
does not give me a good enough indication of shade. She eventually relented and opened a drawer FULL of sample pots!

Teresa X