Sunday, November 13, 2011

Stuff I love at the moment

Favourite make up look of the moment
I am going back through another huge brown Smokey eye phase I am using MAC eye shadows such as Kid, Malt, Cork, Romp and Sketch with Chill and Phloof! For highlight
I never really have a vision when I start my make up, I usual try stay away from black on my waterline as it DOES shrink eyes and give you that squinty cay eye look, but with brown tones under the eye I think it looks amazing.
I am really embracing my make up once again after going through the nude eye, red lip rut of the summer....sorry about that guys!

 Favourite hairdo of the moment
I am going insane for large pin up girl rolls and twist up dos. I just pin it any old way and hope it turns out looking okay. I have always been a fan of big old up dos but this is a slightly more polished version of my ‘messy up do’

 My Current favourite paint pot shade
Hyper Violet Pain pot by MAC My sister got me this for my birthday This paint pot is a beautiful burgundy based plumb colour, it really seems to be the paint pot equivalent of Sketch by Mac. The two when worn together look amazing.  

                                  Current Fave Lip Shade 
MAC Flesh pot Again bought for me by my sister for my Birthday. This shade is very comparable to Myth and Creme de' Nude, both of which I love.  It looks quite dark on me, and makes my teeth look insanely white always a plus. I tend to stick to red, purple and pink lipsticks so I think my sister was trying to break my tradition of goth lips this nice nude is a welcomed change. I’ve found myself wearing nude lips a lot lately so I am very happy with it!

 Favourite nail varnishes of the mo

I am wearing a lot of nude coloured clothing and an holy amount of black, So a little pop of red does the trick in warming my look up (I am thinking of braving a nice new watermelon pink shade... I’m not sure how this will suit me)
These two shades are bright and warm and I love them at the moment

 Favourite Luxury products of the moment

AP bubble bath... The smell is to die for. My skin feels so silky and smooth after I have soaked in it thanks to the honey extract and the milk protean (if it’s good enough for Cleopatra!!!)and the WHOLE HOUSE is perfumed by its beautiful scent
I am in LOVE with this product *(the tiniest drop goes a very long way, it also comes with a pump for a more precise measurement)

 Favourite shoes of the moment obviously excluding my amazing spiked shoes...

These beautiful little blush pink/nude shoes are my favourites
Now as you all know, I am not all that in to nude shoes or general on trend things, But I love these. They are the perfect height, comfortable and were also SUPER cheap I picked these up in River Island for 25euro!
They are a sturdy little number and I really like them!

 Favourite most overly ridiculously expensive tights of the moment

These Wolford Satin De Luxe beauts!
All I am going to say about these to justify the exorbitant amount of money I paid for them...
They make my legs look black beauty.... yes I know that’s a horse WHATEVER!!!!
(they also have a back seam and I am a slave to glamour)

That's all for now


La Dama said...

Your so classy with beautiful taste.
I love brown eyeshadow too epsecially cinnamon colors. I been into bright colors lately.gorgeous shoes and what a bargain.
I might look into Mac pot eyeliner. I need a eyeliner. your pin up hair skills rock!

sparklicous said...

I wrote an article about the top Irish Beauty blogs in the Christmas edition of Star Chic magazine. It came out yesterday.

Gin Kelly said...

great blog girl!!!!! keep posting and your make up skills are fantastic :)!!!! waiting for your next posts!


WhatKatieDid... said...

Sparklicous I would have loved to have seen yourarticle about Irish beauty blogs! I am dying to find some new ones to follow! I was in the U.K for a few weeks and missed out!

sparklicous said...
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sparklicous said...

hey. sorry just saw your post. email me at and I can prob send you a scan of the article. I saw it the other day in Dundrum in a Centra, so you might be able to find a copy if you keep an eye out either. :)