Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Eyeliner and Shoes, a girl’s best friend.

People always ask me how do I do my eyeliner.
The truth of it is, practice  makes perfect and even then we can have our wobbly days!
But I do have a four step way to doing mine.
First off I line my eye with no intentions of adding a flick.
 Once that is done I draw a line UP where I want my flick to end.
 Then at the ‘tip’ of the flick draw a straight or curved line down to meet my lined eye
 Next step, fill in the gap. 
So simple, effective and as you can see, quite easy to do!
Coming in to the party season it’s time to crack out your high heels but you really do not have to spend a fortune to achieve a good look.  These are my three favourites shoes of the moment and they all cost me under 30 euro.

As I have talked about before these blush pink/nude shoes were purchased in River Islands sale for under 25 euro.
Another great place for festive bargains is New Look I bought my black shoes and the purple shoes there for 25 and 12 euro respectively
( I obviously added the rhinestones myself to add a bit of bling to the purple pair)

I almost broke my neck trying to take these pictures. 
I was bent in every direction.
I really should invest in a tripod.... or learn how to work my timer!
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