Wednesday, November 9, 2011

How I looked this Halloween

My inspiration, drive and general vision regarding my blog were out the window for most of October due to illness.
I tried my best to do Halloween blogs but looking back over them today I realise they were all rather uninspiring and lacklustre. I need to step up my game!/

I had a three week flu, once I got over that I got a stomach virus and then I had my flippin P!
I was not in good fettle, However I am feeling much better and do plan on cracking out a few “how to” blogs  in the near future.

Here is a little peak of my Halloween “sad goth” make up.
I actually loved this look but got no good out of it as I took ill during the party and needed to be excused to spend my Halloween vomiting! Haha :)
I went with extremely dark eyes using black, purple, and wine eye shadows.
I applied silver glitter and winged black eyeliner to intensify the drama of this look.
I hand glued
Swarovski crystals to my face to create the falling tear.
On my lips I wore night moth lip liner by MAC and on the bottom lip Rebel lipstick by Mac.

I wore these bad boys, My adored studded high heels. Each spike one hand placed, punched, studded and screwed (next stop leather jacket!!!) Not everyone’s cuppa tea really, but I love them and am over the moon with em!

Thats all the Halloweenie stuff for now!

And finally...
I just want to thank a few of you for the kind, positive and inspiring comments, facebook messages and tweets I’ve been receiving recently.
It is so nice to chat to you all and I am really glad I’ve had the opportunity to get to know a few of you in real life.
Thanks for all the support. It means a lot
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