Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hair Accessories

 I have an ever expanding collection of Bows, Gems, Clips, Slips, Fascinators, Feathers and Rhinestones so I thought I would show you all a little peak in to the most used in my collection.
I wear a lot of black, I tend to use hair accessories to lighten up my look. I am a person who doesn’t give much away. I tend to lean towards the darker, spookier, sparkly, spikier, provocative things in life.

I never really splash out on hair accessories, the cheaper the better but I tend to invest in good durable clips. 
A good clip will last you a lifetime. I have had the above for years. No gems lost, no tarnished silver wear. It’s a case that you get what you pay for!
 I love fascinators, I think they are fascinating! I went there.
They are pretty, feminine and fun to wear.
I am not really a fan of green but I think thise particular fascinator is stunning

My little gold Pillar box hat is just too adorable.
I’ve NEVER worn it but I am looking for an excuse. I got this in H&M!!!!! Of all places for two euro! It is so pretty and cute, I really need to find a dapper gent who is willing to wine and dine me- This little lady will be wearing this on her noggin for sure!!!!

I wear flowers, birds, butterflies, glittery bows, ribbons, velvet, leather and fur in my hair, sequin hats, bowler hats, top hats, cameos ANYTHING. 
                                                       Never be afraid to try something new out.

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