Saturday, October 29, 2011


Again thank you to Faye, my sister, for letting me use her as a model for these looks!

First thing to apply, white foundation all over your face!
Mix a gray and a red eye shadow together on a fluffy brush, apply on your eyelid bringing it under your eye also.
 Again contour your face with a gray eye shadow. Fill in Brows anyway you want them!

Dab on some fake blood anywhere you feel necessary
  You can stop at this stage if you wish
You can contour your face everywhere, your nostrils, your temples- Anywhere you wish. Using an angled brush, draw on a little crack on your head!

Now, as before you can stop there ORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR You can shade in your mouth, draw on some teeth... dab on some fake blood and VOLLA.... You are a dead-vampire-zombie-undead...THING!!! HAHA!
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