Saturday, October 29, 2011

Cruella De Vil- SO SIMPLE

Cruella De Vil
I got a bit sick of looking at my face in myself indulgent blogs...  
So I decided to scribble make-up all over my sister instead! Thanks Faye. 
This look is so simple and takes minutes to do! White out your face!

Crudely apply a greenie blue eye shadow in an exaggerated fashion (use any brand, any shade, any brush!)

Where your natural eyebrows begin, start your Cruella Brows and go UP and gently down
 Roughly plot out your lips, using any red lip liner, don’t worry about mistakes, her lips and pointy and ugly!

Fill your lips in with any red lip-gloss you have to hand.

CONTOUR your face using a gray eye shadow.
 Pop on a wig, some animal print, some pearls and you are good to go Darlings!!!!

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