Sunday, October 23, 2011

Katy Perry ‘deer’ E.T easy to do Halloween look

This is NOT exactly like Katys, as I wanted to make this super simple and easy for everyone to replicate!
I am not Katy's biggest fan, but the girl always has a great team of make up artists and stylist!

 What you will need: White foundation. A bronzer to contour. 2 brown eye shadows one dark, and one slightly lighter. One Silver eyeshadow. Copper pigment and a brown lip liner. Black liquid liner, black pencil liner.

Take your white foundation and apply evenly all over your face Using a bronzer/dark blusher contour under your cheek bones and make a circle in the centre of your forehead. Take an angled brush and dip in to your darker brown eye shadow to make the markings on your forehead, using the darker brown n the centre and the lighter  at the sides. Carefully create and fill in your desired markings shape.
 Now on to the eyes.
Take your Lighter brown and create a swoop along and above your brow bone.

Using the darker brown  fill in your eyebrows. Follow up to your natural arch and where you would normally go down, go UP very, very lightly.

Fill in the heart of your eye with any silver eye shadow. Pat it on for maximum intensity (A great thing to do would be to add a iridescent silver shadow, I just happened to spill all of mine on the floor prior to making this blog)

Using a very fine paint brush use some of your white foundation to apply the white deer markings to your eyes. Then using your finger, pat them out to soften lines.
 Using an angled brush, Plot out your liner. When confident and happy with your lines, Fill in your liner
 Taking the same brown to applied to your eye, line underneath the black eyeliner.

Then Fill in your water line with your black liner.

Add lashings of black Mascara.

Taking your copper pigment make your little deep freckles or whatever you call them to your face. I didn’t follow Katy’s exactly, I didn’t exactly look at the picture...sorry about that!
 And that is it!!!!
Hope you like this look and give it a try...Oh and YES!!!! I did forget to do the markings over one of my brows.... I got excited so took pictures cut me some slack :)

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