Sunday, August 21, 2011

What Katie Did Today

Last night I went to bed extremely early.
There was no real reason for it, I just felt exhausted and not in the mood for television, literature or music. 
 I presume I needed rest and to turn off my mind.
I had what seemed to be dreamless night. I woke up feeling rejuvenated.
The first thing I saw when I woke up was my camera and decided to photo log my morning’s events.
I decided prior to taking any pictures that no matter what the outcome, they would be posted on my blog even if that meAnt people seeing me in bed with no make up.

I decided my next photojournalistic masterpiece would be a picture of me, mid way through brushing my teeth.

 I took a picture of my shower (without me in it).
This morning I used my dad’s shampoo, head and shoulders.
Not my first choice I admit.
I am the kind of girl who never, EVER realise she is out of shampoo till she steps in the shower, gets wet and then realised she had to jump out and find something that with lather!

After my shower I baby oiled myself and wrapped myself up in a towel.
I then proceeded to take yet another picture of myself in my natural state.
This is all very probably regrettable.

I dressed in a hurry as my Dad shouted up at me asking could I make him a coffee and some nibbles. I did as asked then sat outside with him while he ate.
He then told me there was a baby pigeon all lost and alone in our chicken coop. 
I sprinted upstairs to grab my camera. 

After all the excitement I applied some minimal make up and decided to let my hair dry naturally.

I rearranged my jewellery box.
I have given some key pieces of my jewellery on loan to a friend attending a wedding
I wanted to try fill the gaping holes it has left in my arrangement.


My wardrobe was my next rearranging victim
It took quite a while even though to the untrained eye it looks like I did absolutely nothing.

And that’s that. 
I am now writing about to take a picture of me blogging....

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