Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lace & Chiffon.

Today felt like a day for lace and chiffon.
It is so sunny and beautiful outside.
I like a change and decided towear a loose white dress.
I’ve had a string of bad luck of late and kind of feel I needed to kick myself out of my rut.
I decided to do a dramatic-ish eye for day time.  
For my eyes I used a vanilla base colour then shaded the crease with black and brown and just blended it out. I lined my eyes in my usual winged style. How adventurous.
I filled my lips in with some red liner a little haphazardly. I didn’t want to go for full on red lips with my eyes being so heavy for day time.

I dont spend any time doing my make up these days, im barely bothering with foundation. I feel like letting my skin breate.

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