Friday, August 19, 2011

A taste of things to come.

Dark fantasy inspired make up is NOT for everyone,

But there is one time of the year that it is almost everyone’s cup of tea...

In this blog
I am going to share with you some looks that I have created that fit the occasion.

I plan on making tutorial blogs closer to Halloween.

This is just a sample of things to come and what to expect

 ... I am such a recovering goth.

This look is very simple to do...
It is a basic cat eye, thickened out and then frayed.
I was going for a feathered effect, however if anyone knows of the band Turbonegro... hahahaha
This looks is all bout your lips.
Making them the center piece as your eyes are hidden by lace.
Its so simple but very, very striking.
My zombie Katie creation.
This look just happened organically.
I thought it was cute and not as extreme as the "zip eye" craze that everyone started to do over the last two years.
And I totally smeared real blood on my chin after cutting my arm accidentally... dedicated to my art
I love this look. Black and golds.
Purple and black lips.
You can see the detail better in the very first picture on this blog.
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