Friday, July 8, 2011

Nick Knack mini haul and CHANEL products to review.

So today I decided to pick up a few nick-knacks for my bedroom.
I went to penneys home section and picked up a few cute items.
2 Beautiful little night light holders for 2 euro each
a pretty little Indian inspired print that I got for ONE euro!.

I am totally going back tomorrow to pick up a few more little gems I found today.
I plan on REALLY pushing the boat out for my dressing table!.
I love my clutter.
You have to dust, a whole lot BUT everything really does have its own place.

I like my world to look like a shop display.
I have issues.

On the make up front I have a few CHANEL items to write a review on in the coming days.
Two great eye products and my trusty beige compact I use to contour my face.

I’ve been using the products like crazy to get a real feel for them.
In fact I am wearing pretty much everything I want to write about today!

Today I did my make up in a smoky brown.
I really love this look.

I want to get vlogging!
 I have SO MANY ideas on tutorials I haven’t really seen on YouTube!
Does anyone know what’s a good camera to record on? Preferably HD.

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