Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tidy room, Tidy mind.

Organising wardrobes can be hell.
I try to arrange all my clothing by colour and have all my shoes neatly presented.

I try to optimise space so I am using storage containers to put all my scarf’s and winter accessories in to.

I just emptied the contents of my wardrobe out and placed it on my bed.
Doing this gives you a good indicator of how much room is going to be used hanging clothing and the order in which you need to sort it.
I hang the bits and bobs according to colour
I lay my high heels in any way as long as they look nice!
The inside doors of my wardrobe are filled with pictures of friends, art and general inspiration.

I store ALOT in boxes on my shelves.
Mainly to keep the items in good condition.
I have a few gigantic boxes that literally take up the entire back of my wardrobe
I keep all my AP in boxes towards the front.
And as you can see I keep my suitcases on top of my storage box full of winter items.
I like to keep my clutches nicely presented on my shelf.
It’s nice to be able to see what you have when you want to chose them as opposed to searching through drawers
I store my fascinators, veils and bowler hats with my silk scarves....
and my flute Hahaha

I keep my jewellery and hair accessories neatly stored in boxes on the shelf above my drawers.

My underwear, I like to store as if in a shop...
pretty much like the rest of my stuff.

And that is pretty much it on the clothing front.
My drawers are just filled with leggings and tights.
 I have a HUGE collection of both.

Next up,

This is insanely straight forward.
Light pink drawers is full of exclusively Mac products.
Dark pink drawers are a mix of all other brand of makeup.

I keep both in a very particular way
each drawer has a function.
I generally tend to keep the following things together.
Eye products (Primers, lashes, shadows,liners,liquid liners, paint pot, pigment,Gliters, mascara)
Lip products (Primers, Lipsticks,Glosses,Glitters)
Face products 1 (Primers, Foundations, Powders)
Face products 2 (blush, bronzer, shimmer, highlighter, glitter, face and body products)
Nail produts
Beauty accessories.
Then other drawers for any other beauty products you can think of!.

My make up brushes are kept in various pots beside the drawers, I forgot to stand back a bit when I took the photograph to get them in too!!!!

I love how organized it all is
I did warn you in the previous blog I am one for organization!

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