Thursday, June 16, 2011

Busy as a bee

All that talk of organizing thing’s yesterday put me in a particular tidy mood today.

I am not feeling very well at the moment, I have pretty much just been resting up in bed.

Obviously with all this time on my hands, I was paying a lot of attention to how things looked and decided I wasn’t too keen on my make-up area.

I didn’t like that the plastic boxes were turning in to the main feature of the room, I decided I wanted to neaten it all up.

I decided to set up a whole new makeup that is right by all my accessories.

I also changed the entire feel of the room by moving my bed to the very centre of the room.
Now it is there, I can’t believe I never placed it there before!!!

So here is the new lay out of the room.

It is a work very much in progress, I am on the hunt for knick knacks!
Once I have the drawers fully organised I will be posting pictures!



Anonymous said...

It's all looking very swish! Love where you've put the bed. Looking forward to seeing how it develops...we demand more photos!!!

helheartsmakeup said...

sweet jaysus that puts me to shame!! very impressive..organise my life? :)