Wednesday, June 15, 2011

How to snare a millionaire...

I always promise myself I am going to blog more. 
I plan on committing to said promise.

A huge thanks to Helen for being so super nice and mentioning me in her fabulous blog!
Thanks to her, I have decided to get blogging! 

I am a bit of an organizational freak.
I thought I would show you all how I like to keep things tidy...
and also show you a few items I have purchased over the last couple of days!

Starting with my bathroom shelf.

My bathroom is tiny,
I literally only have one small glass shelf so I pack it to the brim with items I strictly only use WHEN my skin is butt naked.
It’s where I shower and it is where I wash off my makeup, to me it just makes sense.

Here is what I use and the way in which I organise it: 
First off it is baby powder, lotion and oil. They are staples for me after my shower. 
My legs get oiled, my chest gets powdered and anywhere else that is left, gets lotion!

I keep some hair removal sprays next to my deodorants. I like to shake up my under arm scent! Haha.

I have a few hair products. I keep meaning to get to Dublin and buy some Moroccan oil; my hair is screaming out for some TLC, if I had it, it would be on this shelf.

Then all my moisturisers, cleansers, toners, mists and most important of the lot my SUN BLOCK.

Then at the end there is some nail varnish remover and some miscellaneous items dotted about.


I usually pay my nails no great deal of attention. I have them blood red, always.
Recently I came across a really cute varnish I really liked the idea of, much to my distress it was by Katy Perry for OPI.
 I bit the bullet and purchased it! I love it too much to pass up.
Katy’s stylist have great taste, I often find myself only having a grudge against her because she has the money to afford all the things I love, before I have finished saving for them.
I have to hand it to her; this nail varnish really IS a teenage dream!

My vanity table is packed full of my favourite items.
From my Chanel deodorant to my AP Maitresse silk stockings cream for my legs.

I like to organise my things in a very unusual way, I like to make them look like a display piece.
Since I use them almost every day it is not totally impracticable.
You have to dust ALOT but I love how it looks.
I love customising things.
Generally by using rhinestones, I can never have enough.
I use Swarovski crystals only as I really do believe they are the very best in terms of shine.
It all started way back in the burlesque days, I try carry it in to everyday life.

I have covered the back of my phone with them and I just think it looks incredible.

I also love my pink bow I dazzled.
I have even jazzed up a pair of fishnets by placing crystals all over them.

The picture speaks for itself.
Words cannot describe how PLEASED I am with this wheels and dollbaby cardigan!
Seriously one of my favourite ever labels, What makes this cardi even more special- Miss Dita Von Teese had a hand in desiging it, Stunning!

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