Monday, March 28, 2011

What the heck is in my bag?

I’m actually so surprised at how LITTLE make up I carry around with me day to day.

So let’s see what is in my bag!!!

My CHANEL wallet, the very first piece of CHANEL (bar perfume) that I ever purchased.
I adore it. So classic and fresh.  Well worth the money, I have it 4 years and it looks as good as new.

At the bottom of my bag hiding away, I found my iPod I was convinced I lost.

My mobile phone (I couldn’t find it at the time I took my picture but my phone generally sits inside my bag too).

 I always carry a note book around with me; you never know when inspiration is going to strike!
This beautiful note book was given to me by my best friend’s parents for my21st Birthday.

Swarovski crystal pen. I absolutely love this little gem.
Instant glamour when you pull this baby out of your bag, I am all about the glamour!

My lovely red Ray-Ban Club Masters.
 I adore Ray-Ban have done ever since I can remember. They minimize glare better than any other brand I have ever worn.
 I never leave the house without a pair of Ray-Bans in my bag!

A compact mirror to touch up on the go!

One of my Agent Provocateur Ménage a Trios purse sprays.
I wear AP religiously, it is my signature night time scent but I often carry it into the day also. I just ADORE it. No other scent comes close in my opinion!

I am obsessed with red lips so it should come as not surprised I have a MAC rubywoo in my bag no matter what!

MAC Sin-talation.
This stuff is just a stunning, amazing beautiful lip gloss! The picture does it no justice.
It looks amazing on its own or over MAC ruby woo (It makes your lips look like a slick of sparkling rubies!  I picked this up in the airport on the way to see my Boyfriend. Even he remarked at how pretty it was.)

Ponds Magic powder, I use this on nights out if I get a little shiny. It is so cute. My sister got it for me in Thailand.

And finally my Dove hair minimizing deodorant. It is so dinky and it smells SO fresh and clean and I feel that way when I wear it. A good enough reason to carry it around!.

***My bag is from the CHANEL Classics collection.***
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