Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hair S.O.S

I hardly ever take the time to give my hair some T.L.C which it desperately deserves.

I sleep with it in a bun
I never get it trimmed
I sometimes don’t brush it, in order to achieve my favourite birds nest huge up do’s that I adore.
I never really use products in it (bar Moroccan oil when I have it)
I am pretty lucky my hair hasn’t packed its bags and jumped ship.
I dye it and I hardly EVER touch it up.
I had it coloured in a salon for the first time in years at the end of June 2010
I touched the black and white streak up in December 2010 I only just touched it up again in May 2011.

I have decided ALL that HAS to change.
So I decided to treat my hair, and myself.
I went on the hunt for some Moroccan oil, It was like looking for the holy grail.
In doing so I stumbled across THIS little beauty

Argan secret. 

It actually smells divine; it’s a different scent than Moroccan oil but just as luxurious.
I bought the conditioner and the elixir

I’m really lucky, naturally my hair IS very shiny and soft.
But this intensifies the gleam, it feels like silk.
 I am so impressed.

This is the results after my very first application:

This is me with my hair wet after shampooing it and conditioning it with Argan secret.

At this point the oil has been applied.

And after my hair was dried.

Full bodied, sleek and glossy.
This is without me actually styling my hair in any way.
I am loving this product!

My make up:
Lips MAC Ruby Woo
Cheeks MAC silver dusk loose powder and NARS Orgasm.
Skin.... A blend of Illamasqua and MAC face and body.

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