Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dewey skin.

I am a HUGE fan of beautiful Dewey skin.
So here is my top tips in 3 easy steps!!!
(It really could not be simpler to achieve)

Do your usual morning routine, which means when you apply your make up your skin will be clean, fresh and lightly moisturised.

Then apply MAC skin and body foundation (a beauty MUST HAVE) in the tone that suits your skin.
I buff it on using MAC’s 187 duo fibre brush.
MAC’s skin and body is so beautiful and sheer, I adore it plus it actually moisturises and conditions your skin as you wear it (could it get any better?) Its water based AND resistant (perfect for weddings).
 You can build your coverage as necessary.
Thankfully my skin is clear so I wear as little as possible.  It veils your skin.

Finally a light brushing of a rosy Blush (I wear MAC well dressed)


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