Monday, January 25, 2016

The Flower Studio

When news broke that David and I were involved in the Paris attacks, We were overwhelmed with the kindness shown to us.
At a time when the world seemed very dark, gorgeous floral arrangements people sent David and I really did brighten up our day.

David has, for as long as we have lived together, brought me fresh flowers every single day. 
Without knowing, those sending us flowers raised his spirits whilst he was in hospital as, in his words, he was unable to bring me flowers himself.
Huge thanks to friends, family, bloggers and indeed my readers for your beautiful and much appreciated bouquets.
This beautiful Hat Box of flowers was sent to me from the Girls at the Flower Studio
The stunning arrangement my Aunt, Uncle and cousins sent me
The above pictures are the two arrangements in particular that stood out to me, The second I set eyes on them I knew they had been made by the extremely talented staff at The Flower Studio, Dundalk.

I know Caroline, proprietor of The Flower Studio personally. 
She is an extremely pleasant girl and someone who's talent should be acknowledged and praised. 
I have never not had a laugh when I buy flowers from Caroline and I wish her every success, she deserves it all.

Today I made a quick dash into town to buy my Mother some towers, for her Birthday.
When I was in store, I decided to take a few pictures and sneakily write a blog about my favourite florist in town.
Mums Birthday Bouquet
To be frank, the pictures speak for themselves.  
The flowers are so fresh, vibrant and beautiful. 
Whether you want to buy a single rose of deck out your entire wedding with whimsical and magical arrangements the flower studio will accommodate your every need.
Inside the Front Door 
A beautiful Hat Box of Flowers available to buy from The Flower Studio.
Stunning Flowers
 Just before Christmas David and I got engaged, I can tell you one thing for certain- whether I have a tiny wedding or a giant celebration- My wedding day flowers will be arranged by the fantastic team at the Flower Studio.
If you are in County Louth, Drop in. 
I like to shop local and support independent businesses.
The beautifully decorate shop
You can visit their website HERE
The Flower Studio Facebook HERE
Or by phone on 042 93 31649 

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