Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Lash Genius- Review

Aoife Kerr ‘The Lash Genius’- My experience.

A few weeks ago, Aoife Kerr contacted me via email and asked me if I would like to have Mink lashes applied (a synthetic silk, not the animal) 
A few friends have been going to Aoife so I gladly accepted.
As you all know, I am a sucker for all things dramatic and glamorous.

Aoife is a lovely, warm girl and puts you at ease as soon as you meet her.
Aoife trained with 'Up to my eyes'and now works from home in Ardee County Louth, where she has a lovely light filled room to carry out treatments in.

Aoifes prices:
€50-€70 for half to full sets of Acrylics .
€70-€90 for the half to full sets of Mink.
€45 for refills.
Removal free.
The first step  was to fill out a little form of easily answered questions. 
Once everything was okay to go, I lay down on the treatment table and let Aoife get started.
Aoife applied a protective pad to my bottom lashes and started bonding the extensions to my natural eyelash one at a time.
I hardly felt a thing and the glue didn't have a toxic smell, which was a plus. 
Honestly as I had my eyes closed, I can't tell you much more than that!
We chatted throughout the whole application and after 80-90 minutes, we were done!

Suddenly I had extremely thick, lustrous lashes that can last for up to 6 weeks 

(refills needed ever 3-4 weeks)

Being a beauty blogger I know the importance of being gentle on my eyes and tip one of my after care was not to overly play with the lashes.
Aoife advised I avoid water near the lashes for a good few hours to let the bond set.

She also told me to use simple oil free make up remover on a cotton pad when removing make up to keep them clean and in top order.
Having lashes fall out is totally normal, it is all part of your lash cycle. 
You will notice it more prominently with extensions as they are much longer, darker and thicker than your natural lash.

What I love about lash extensions:
No mascara/eye make up in general. 
I found that from the day of application my make up routine was halved. 
I only applied concealer, blusher and maybe lipstick and I was good to go. 
I loved the drama of the lashes, thick and blackest black they really were enough by themselves.
I am converted to extensions for good as the thought of going back to the gooey black stuff, not appealing!
My only concerns:
The fallout, though natural, did become a little annoying from mid week 1-week 2.
I had areas that looked pretty bad (only because my natural ‘new lash‘ in comparison to the thick extensions looked pretty puny, again this is down to my lashes falling out NATURALLY it is just unfortunate I didn't wait a week or so longer!) 
I found my lash extensions a little hard to groom.
I washed an old mascara wand and used it as a brush. 
I couldn't separate all my lashes as the bond at the base was quite thick so found it hard to ‘fan out‘ the lashes. 
Brushing your lashes really helps keep them as neat as possible, clear mascara also really helps tame them.

It is very important NOT to use oil based products as this WILL wear down your bond and decrease the longevity of your extensions.

I kept my lashes on from the 13th of Feb-3rd March Photo above March 2nd.

Aoife's details:
Twitter @lash_genius
Click HERE for Aoifes Facebook
Forfurther inquiries call Aoife on 086 190 7735

*My lashes were kindly applied by Aoife free of charge.*

In more lash related news I will be reviewing lashes by 'The Pink Room' in a few weeks time.

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