Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Tonight I sent out a tweet asking if you would like a peek at my favourite CHANEL items from bags to fragrances. Thanks to the positive feedback, here it is!
 I’ve decided to steer clear of the usual loves and focus on a few of the less well known items starting with one bag from the CHANEL classics line

CHANEL Large shopping bag with Caviar Leather & silver hard ware.

I love this bag.
A gift for my 21st Birthday.
Not only is it beautiful, it is so practical
I used it every single day during college it held absolutely everything I needed.
 I love how understated it is with the CC quilted as opposed to flashy silver hardware adornments.
This bag even has a leather attachment to clip in your wallet to insure its safety.

I store it away to maintain its shape but stuffing it with paper and covering it in its dust bag.
I recommend you rotate your bags so you don’t over use and destroy the shape.
I know people like to give out over the bags price, but it is a timeless piece.
You will use it so much and really get your money’s worth out of the bag. Worth every cent.

Quilted cambon wallet.

This little beauty is the perfect wallet.
It's interior is hot pink and has a coin section, card section and cash section. I
ts a practical and well wearing wallet like all CHANEL items.
I really must clean mine up a little with a leather wipe!
But concidering I use this every single day, it is in perfect shape!

CHANEL Camelia ring.

I bought this piece for my mother last Christmas and borrow it regularly
What I love the most about it is the fact that you really have to SEARCH to notice the CC logo in the centre.
It isn’t an obvious CHANEL piece.
Another aspect about the ring that is very special to me, the boutique only got a small number of them in. They are all handmade therefore are individual in one way or another.
 It adds to the specialness of the ring.

CHANEL brooch
This brooch means the world to me, it is a metal brooch embellished with enamel and moon stones.
It is part of the fall winter 2012/13 collection and was bought for me by my parents for my birthday.
I wear it with absolute love and pride

Another cute touch, like the bags and glasses CHANEL jewellery comes with teeny tiny dust bags!
How adorable.

CHANEL Sunglasses
I love these brown and gold sunglasses

the cute bows at either side with the small CHANEL logo really appeals to me.
They again are quite understated.
They look extremely beautiful on without being too in your face.
Classy and elegant, the epitome of CHANEL.

Even the sunglass cases are beautiful and finely crafted!

Another favourite of mine, Classic CHANEL sunglasses
They remind me of something Jackie O would have worn.
 I just love them, so chic and classic. The navy blue makes a welcome difference from black too!

This beautiful silk CHANEL scarf is another favourite
it’s quite old but looks as good as new.
I love the feel of this around my neck. Who wouldnt?!

On to cosmetics
These are my most used CHANEL make up products
They may not be everones cup of tea but I adore them
Left to right


And finally on to my favourite Chanel scent, COCO Mademoiselle

And finally on to my favourite Chanel scent, COCO Mademoiselle
I layer the scent usually.
My most love items:
their moisturising body lotion, deodorant, eau de toilette and fresh body satin spray all of which are divine in their own special ways (huge fan of the body satin spray it is amazing)

So thats it! My CHANEL favourites

Rest assured I will be showing you many more favourites from CHANEL in the near future

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