Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Over the last six weeks, I have lost 10 chickens and 2 of my beautiful cats. 
The chickens were savaged by two local dogs: one large, one small, on 2 different occasions in that time frame. As was my poor cat Baby.
The large dog comes along for the fun, but the little dog does the killing.
The disgusting thing is, not only have my animals all died, the lady who owns the dog responsible for the massacre of my animals has not had the decency to lift the phone to apologize or express concern her pet has caused such carnage. Stupidly my family decided not to report the dogs as a sign of good will. But at this point I am seriously thinking of doing so.

The last time the chickens were killed we witnessed the dogs in our garden.
After chasing them we were able to catch one of the dogs.
Thankfully the big dog had a collar and we were able to call his owner, my dad tried catch the little dog too but he tried bite him.
The big dog’s owner told us the little dog was his partners and promised BOTH dogs would be kept within the boundaries of their own homes.
We told the man about the 8 other chickens and the pain our cat was in.
The man was very apologetic and reimbursed us for the two chickens killed that day, which was a very kind and gentlemanly thing to do.
However, both dogs have since been seen by myself and several other people running on the main street of where I live.

 Today my cat Baby had to be put to sleep after 4 trips to two different vets.
Baby suffered a slow and agonizing death.
Yesterday he was kept overnight in the vets kept on a drip under a U.V light to keep him warm but sadly took a seizure this morning, the vet decided it was only fair to end his suffering.
He was 14 and had never been to a vet in his life until the dog viciously attacked him.
Towards the end of his battle he was unable to eat, could hardly walk and developed huge abscesses the size of my hand on his hip as a result from the horrific bites he received from the dog.
I took a picture of him yesterday, before the final visit to the vet. It is a photo I cannot bare to look at, My once strong cat lying in a heap, shaved and oozing puss from his open sore.
The suffering and pain Baby went though is heartbreaking.

I have a dog, and understand dogs can be hard to handle and do sometimes decide to go on quests.
But my dog has never terrorised animals or caused the death of anyone’s pet.
I am an animal lover and adore dogs.
I am saddened people are so flippant in taking responsibility for the actions of their pets.
But most importantly I am deeply upset such a beautiful cat who lived such a happy and fulfilled life had it cut short by a horrid little dog.

The morning after the cat was attacked.

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