Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Green for Halloween

For todays look you will need:
 Small crystals 
Eyelash glue 
False eyelashes  
White (CHILL by MAC) 
Navy (Deep night By Laura Mercier) 
Green (St. Germain) 
and Turquoise (Flipside from the ‘Get Baked’ pallet)  
Mascara (DollEyes by Lancôme) 
HIGHLY pigmented purple lip-gloss (MAC Lacquer in Veneer) 

By now I think everyone can guess that technically step one is to white out your face using a full coverage foundation of your choice. I used RF 105 by Illamasqua, it is white with pink undertones, if you want 100% white go for RF 100 Step ONE Cover all your eyelid with your white eye shadow, Patting the product on.

Step TWO Take your navy eyes shadow dip it in your product and tap off any excess shadow, Take a tapered fluffy brush and swoop the eye shadow on following the crease of your eye, Soft strokes work best, take your time at this point to get a nice flowing curved line.

STEP THREE take your Green eye shadow and a very small rounded eyeliner brush. Line your lash line meeting the navy eye shadow at the ends. To increase the intensity of the colour you can use a primer or alternatively wet the eye shadow when applying (I did neither as I didn’t want harsh looking lines)
Take your eyelash glue and pat it on the lash line of your eyelid covering as much or as little as you want. Allow the glue to go tacky before moving on to the next step
Taking your tweezers, pick up your rhinestones and apply them to your eye. If you want you can follow the lash line or you can apply the gems any way you want. I didn’t want this to look formulaic so I applied a scattering of crystals in no particular design.

Taking your turquoise eye shadow on an angled brush, fill in your eyebrows as desired (for the ends of my brows I used a very fine paint brush.) 

STEP SEVEN Apply the same coloured eye shadow as your brows to the inner corner of your eyes Then once the crystals on your top lid are dry, apply a small row of crystals under your eye

STEP EIGHT Apply false lashes underneath the line of green eye shadow, You can use plain lashes or you can glue some smaller crystals on to them to maximize the dramatic impact. I applied mascara to the lashed before I applied them to really make them stand out. I also applied mascara to my top set of natural lashes.

STEP NINE Lips, fill your lips in with your purple lip-gloss/ lipstick and you are good to go

 The Final Look

I have left the cheeks bare in this look because I think it looks good enough as it is. If you were to apply a blush I would recommend MAC Dolly Mix as it is highly pigmented and complements the lip-gloss.

And yes, I am wearing my P.J bottoms in the pictures. 
I have no shame. 


La Dama said...

You gorgeous creature.
I love this look for Christmas too ,but reversed with red. I am in love with your velvet green bow. I couldnt tell you were wearing your pj's.

Anonymous said...

I love this one

Britney said...

You have lOvely makeup skills, ur picture and make are beautiful , I hope we can follow each other

Anonymous said...

Wow such a fantastic look, I really liked all the crystals, you have stunning eyes and the final look was incredible, such beautiful and well applied makeup. Your bloggs are an inspiration!!!!!