Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bride of FankElvira

 This is my supposed to be a half and half look. You can choose one or the other but you can do as I did if you so wish. 
I did this half and half to maximise the amount of blogs I can get up in time for Halloween. (excuse my chest being a strange shade, the Kim Kardashian Tan didn’t QUITE was off as promised)
As usual, blank out your face with ANY white Make up, I used Illamasqua. Fill in your lips with a black eyeliner. I used MAC smoulder
Cover your lips in a Black or Deep purple Lip gloss, I used MAC from the Style Black Collection from 2009 in Blackfire.
Track your Lines on your eyes using an angle brush and a blackish eye shadow. I used MAC Beauty Marked The lines do not have to be accurate as by the end of this look it is going to be ALOT thicker on the inner eye Do the same with your eyebrows, Line them first before you fill them in.

Then it Is time for a rosie red eye shadow, I used Mac Passionate, cover your lid lightly  Using any fluffy brush. Then using a blue, I used Mac Electric Eel, Above the line you have plotted mimic it and give it a higher point.

Going back to your red, fill in the white inner eye point area, then plot a line above the blue.

STEP SEVEN Use a purple eye shadow as your blush, I used MAC Purple Haze.  Using the same colour, Go to work on your inner eye and underneath.

STEP EIGHT EYELASHES. Apply WINGED eyelashes UNDERNEATH your purple eyes hadow on the bottom (Again I used MAC) On the top, Apply any lashes you desire (I used cheap lashed by Onyx I picked up for 2 euro)

Look Number Two

PART TWO STEP ONE&TWO Whiten your face (especially covering your eyebrows) Taking a black eye shadow and angled brush plot your eyebrows, Make sure to REFERENCE THE PICTURES to get the right flow.
Using a cheap and ugly eyeliner like the hateful crumbly one I bought from Catrice, Plot a line along, well just above your jaw line. From ear to chin. Using any old make up, paintbrush, anything, Apply fake blood ALONG the line. Patting not rubbing.  THIS IS KEY pat it on guys!!!! THEN lightly draw little lines using your brush to get the stitched effect (when this dries, it looks VERY impressive, beats the cartoonish black eyeliner line I have been known to use)

STEP FOUR Apply any eyelashes to give the eyes a bit of oomph!

STEP FIVE Fill your lips in red or black, both even, Try lining your lips in black and filling them in red, in the middle have some black lipstick blended in (or the opposite of that, it looks great, trust me)And that is it!!! It is THAT easy So much fun, Adore!!!



La Dama said...

I love this gorry idea genius amor.
amazing make up skills.
I was been thinking of dressing as Bride of Frankenstein ,but have so many other ideas.

Anonymous said...

The half-and-half look is amazing!! I LOVED the blood effect on the bride-side.
P.S. You make a way better Elvira than Elvira!