Sunday, July 17, 2011

My most used CHANEL beauty products

CHANEL Ombre Essentielle eyeshadow
86 Trace

It is a beautiful rich oaky brown with gold glitter flecks throughout.
I use this in the crease of my eye for dramatic definition.
I find the pigmentation very rich & perfect for blending with the ability of creating the most amazing Smokey eye with little hassle.
There is relatively little* fall out, if any.
The compacts beautiful and you get an applicator brush and a compact mirror.
My only complaint would be the tiny amount of product you do get.

CHANEL Poudre Universelle Compacte
70 Beige

I use this product to contour my face.
The truth is I am not a bronzer kind of gal
I refuse to buy one, mainly because they are far, far, far to dark for my skin.
The great thing about the powder is that it is very light coverage when applied with a contour brush.
It comes with its own little powder puff, which is fantastic if you plan on using this to set your make up.
I really love this product.
I find the colour extremely flattering on my skin.
I do not contour my face very often, but I use this product on my Mother allot of the time, It matches her skin perfectly.
The both of us agree that this matt powder is fantastic.

Rouge Coco
19 Gabrielle

I absolutely ADORE this lipstick
I am a devout MAC Ruby Woo fan but this satin like lipstick is another number one product.
It looks incredible on all ages.
My Mother loves this lipstick too, it freshens her face no end.
On me, it makes my skin look like a pearl and my lips look like rubies.
No words on earth can truly describe JUST how fantastic I find this lipstick
So vibrant and luscious.
Its sleek black tube with its band of gold, everything about Chanel’s lipsticks ooze Parisian glamour. And I for ONE love it!

Aqualumiere Gloss High Shine Sheer Concentrate
79 Ginger Shimmer

As you can tell, I have an addiction to all things red.
One day when convincing myself I wasn’t going to buy any more red lip products I fell in love with this ginger baby (could it get any closer to red?)
There are absolutely tiny flecks of gold throughout this gloss
Like with any gloss you do need to reapply after drinking or eating, but it actually does  have very good longevity on nights out.
I actually wear this over my beloved Gabrielle to add depth and warmth to my lips.

Ombre D’eau Fluid Iredesent Eyeshadown
20 Fountain

I love this pink shimmer, I use it as a highlighter on my brow bone and to open up my eyes in the corners.
It is so pale and shimmers beautifully; I use it on my cheekbones.
It is not a deep pink and is a cool tone so it suits my skin very well.
I find the applicator fantastic; I dot the product on my skin and blend it in with my fingers.
For all who love a bit of shine, I HIGHLY recommend it!

And finally

Le Vernis Nail Colour
461 Blue satin

On days when I want a change from my red talons, I like to paint them this beautiful navy colour.
It is a very rich and deep colour, I like it as opposed to black, the hint of blue really adds that chanel magic touch.
Dark nail varnishes are not for everyone so this is a very personal ‘favourites’ (like all favourites really)

*On the topic of fall out, never overload your brushes with product.
This is a very common complaint and an awful lot of ‘gurus’ blame good products for having fall out.
Don’t get me wrong, there really are some dreadful shadows out there!.
The truth is packing a brush to maximum capacity of product is never going to have a happy result!
If you want a very dark look, build the colour up in layers.
Do not expect one swipe to give you total coverage
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