Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Lydia Deetz Halloween Make Up Look

I have that autumnal spooky Halloween feeling running through my bones;
THIS is my time of year.
I am so excited about Halloween so... here we go again!
Tonight I decided to post a look of one of my favourite spooky characters:
Lydia Deetz from Tim Burtons Beetlejuice.
This really and truly is such a straightforward and easy to create, No matter how good or bad you are with makeup, this can be done in minutes

To start things off, you need to blanch your face using any white foundation you can find; I applied Illamasqua rich liquid foundation in rf105 all over my face with a sponge.

Here is a little peek at the colours you will need to create Lydia’s haunting eyes.
You can use any brand, this is just a guideline.
Using a fluffy brush, I applied a very light brown all over the sockets of my eyes and under creating a ill and sleepless effect.
I blended this is as much as possible so there was no distinct circle, I used MAC Kid.
Using a reddish eye shadow (MAC passionate)
I lined under my eye and the socket of my eye

With the same fluffy brush you used for the brown, take it and gently blend in a burned orange/reddish eye shadow, I used Heat by Urban Decay

To tidy up my eyes, I used my foundation sponge to blend the eye shadow below my eye.

To open up my eye, I lined my water line with a white Kohl eyeliner (Topshop Frost)

I then filled in my eyebrow with a back pencil eyebrow designer by essence

Using  Heat again, I applied it as a blush high on my cheek bones and temple.

On a clean fluffy brush I defined and deepened my cheekbones by using the tiniest amounts of black eye shadow and blending it underneath them.

My next step was to add mascara.
 I then applied some Bobbi Brown Cherry pink lip-gloss to my lips, and that’s it Lydia make up complete

I pinned my hair up, backcombed it and gelled it into position.
My outfit was made of a red lace top, red suspender belt tied around my neck to create my ruffled top and a massive puffy underskirt I had knocking about my wardrobe
Such a fun look
So what do you think? Will you be channelling Lydia this Halloween?


Unknown said...

That's incredible .. Very well done

Anonymous said...

THIS is why I read your blog! Anyone can review make-up brands, but when you pop onto WhatkatieHealyDid you NEVER know what you are going to find. Always entertaining, informative, brilliantly written and great fun! Love your Lydia look & locks!!
Halloween has never looked better! Great informative photos from one of the best looking girls in the blogosphere! ghoulishly good fun!!!

Anonymous said...

Deadly mrs, I love this post.. and your blog, you're so creative, x

Unknown said...

Thank you so much girls
I just love Beetlejuice, I wanted to create a look that hasnt been done a thousand times over.
I have plenty of looks and ideas for more Halloween blogs.

Unknown said...

you look amazing :O excellent look Katie!!! :) I flipping love halloween too, you have inspired me to get cracking on costume ideas :)

Lord Wednesday said...

Fangtastic post. Beautiful and stylish.