Tuesday, October 14, 2014

My Lusty Beg Island Retreat

A few weeks ago I was invited to attend a wonderful press trip to Lusty Beg Island.
The idea of spending a night on an island in County Fermanagh really appealed to me so I said YES, grabbed my boyfriend and we packed our bags ready for an adventure.
From the minute we arrived, I knew I was going to love the place. 
We were ferried over to the island and served soup to warm us up after our trek from Dublin. 
We were then allocated our rooms and off we went to explore the island.

Myself and my boyfriend used our time to really relax- I had a wonderful facial while he walked around the island. 

The spa uses an extensive range of VOYA products, as you know by now I am a huge fan of VOYA. 
For a beauty blogger the following statement may shock you: I had my first ever facial on Lusty Beg!
I didn't really know what to expect, would I like it or would it feel strange? but it was wonderful and I ran back happy as Larry smelling of VOYA yumminess to find David had hidden little flowers in our room. Which I found insanely cute, so thanks for that.

My skin felt radiant and I was almost annoyed I had to doll up and shower before our pre-meal drinks and delicious banquet meal (Oh yes, a frikin’ banquet!) 

At seven we headed for drinks overlooking the water. 
Myself and David mixed and mingled with fellow guests, we sat in front of an open fire and had great conversations.
After an hour or so we were fed and watered till we were ready to burst! 
Great food, wonderful company and enough wine to sink a ship.
 Food wise we had everything! duck, soup,steak and a plethora of desserts. 
No expense was spared and I can assure you, the steak was divine 
(I am an absolute SNOB when it comes to steak!) 
I loved it and judging by everyone's plates, they did too!
The night was filled with music, craic and great fun. 
The atmosphere was wonderful and it really did feel like a wedding at times. 
There is something special about Lusty Beg, an intimate spot where you can let your hair down and drink in the beautiful scenery, I can see how its taking off as a wedding venue.
 Lusty Beg is a picturesque little place. The weather wasn't always wonderful but the island still managed to look bright and tranquil.

In general Lusty Beg is a pretty cool venue;
I can see team building weekends and family reunions going down a storm- there is a list of brilliant activities from archery to clay pigeon shooting, whizzing around the island on a speed boat or if that's all too much, you can indulge yourself in the Island spa.

If Lusty Beg tickles your wedding fancy you can be assured they will cater to your every need. 
From simple to extravagant, traditional to modern, no requirement is beyond their capability. 
If you wish to arrive by boat or plane the great team at Lusty Beg can make it happen!

For all your wedding beautifying needs the Island Spa, Nail Bar and Hair Studio can cater for all your pre-wedding needs. 
Lusty Beg also offers on-site civil wedding services so if you wish, you can get married ON the actual Island which is pretty cool altogether. 

We really enjoyed our trip and thank everyone involved for making it such a great experience!

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