Saturday, October 13, 2012

How Quaint

I love finding new shops;

Today while on a walk down in Blackrock County Louth
I stumbled across a sign for a new furniture shop,  a cute and quirky shop down Murphy’s Lane called Quaint;
I just had to investigate!

 Quaint specialises in Annie Sloan chalk paint
(the ‘IT’ paint for any lover of shabby chic furniture)
up-doing furniture,selling cute postcards, knick knacks and all things darling.

A beautiful garland of soft pink powdered roses caught my eye; at 8.50E I thought they would look perfect around my dressing table.
  I was right, I think they add a whimsical touch to my vanity table, I am totally enamoured by all the lovely bits and bobs Gillian Corcoran sells in Quaint.
What do you think?
Hopefully I will be writing a more in-depth shop review soon.
I hope to buy some Annie Sloan paint and up do my vanity table!

1 comment:

Lord Wednesday said...

I think you have the world's cutest dressing table! What a cool name for a shop, love the flowers they look really nice, looking forward to reading more in upcoming blogs. Excellent work Katie x