Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Indian Summer and Daffodile 160 Lady Glitter

Oh Ireland I love you so, The summer has finally Autum.
Due to this, my blogging has been very laxidasical.
The beautiful weather has had me out and about walking the legs off myself, taking every possible opportunity to be in the fresh air and feel the sun on my skin.
Today after my walk I decided to hop in to the hot tub. I stripped off, grabbed my swim suit, sun shades bundled my hair and wrapped it up a vintage nylon head scarf, how terribly glamorous.
As usual I slathered myself with sun screen (factor 50) sun burn is NEVER a good look.
While in the hot tub I started thinking of blog ideas and realised I hadn’t talked in great details about my latest shoe purchase.
So here we go,
I  took a little trip to Dublin to purchase a pair of shoes... Not any old shoes, Louboutins.
Anyone who reads this blog KNOWS my utter obsession with all things CL.
I decided to purchase them from a Boutique, I usually buy mine on Net-a-Porter, this time I bought my Louboutins from Brown Thomas.
The lady who assisted me was an absolute doll and knew exactly what I was looking for and all things Louboutin in general. Interestingly she advised me NOT to get red vibram soles put on, This intrigued me as I always intended to cover my other Loubs after a few wears, She told me Christian Louboutin is of the opinion the rubber soles mess with the balance of the shoe.
I chose the Daffodile Lady Glitter 160MM shoes, beautiful black and gold masterpieces.
When wearing them, I stand 6ft 4 inches tall!
In my opinion these shoes are surprisingly comfortable; I have been breaking them in around the house and have been very impressed with the comfort.
What you need to remember when buying- you MUST be careful the shoes fit you like a glove.
Daffodile shoes NEED to be tight when tried on; you must bear in mind the leather will stretch for optimum comfort.  Your foot MUST be secure in them, otherwise your ankle will be...well, to be eloquent about it, FOCKED.
I know these shoes are not everyone’s cup of tea, I simply adore them, they are sky scrapers and my confidence rockets when wearing them.
So what do you think?
Love or Loath them?
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