Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Make up, Clothes and slippers!

                      A considerable amount of  time has passed since my last proper post.  
I have lots to show you so I am going to get straight in to it!!! 

Hypnose Doll Eyes separates every lash, I adore it, I really do.  
It opens my eyes up. Doll Eyes is not just a cute name, it does give you that effect. 
I have been using it religiously since I got it. The brush is a DREAM to use.
 It is a conical wand, and is perfect to coat even the littlest of lashes bottom lashes perfectly.

AP Maitresse gift set This set contains a perfume and body cream Maitresse smells incredible. The Eau De Parfum is made up of white lotus petals, white Ylang Ylang,Osmathus core and Jasmine Sambac. 
It smells so soft, yet strong and sensual. 
This scent will not be everyone’s cup of tea but to me it is the embodiment of luxury and sensuality. 
The body cream really makes your skin feel silky smooth and is gently infused with the Maitresse scent, stunning.

Chanel Eye shadow 90 Fauve A beautiful soft taupe coloured eye shadow with a hint of light purplish tone. 
Like with all eye shadows when applied dry it can be very light and soft in pigment but when wetted a little the intensity is stunning, fantastic for a dramatic eye. 
It really is one of my fave taupe shadows.

My lovely little pots I got these for 2 quid each, One for brushes one for pencils etcetera. 
I’m trying to really tidy up my make up set up. I think in reality I just need a bigger table!

Leopard Faux Fur Coat I am absolutely NOT denying my inner Cruella De Vil any longer.  
Last Winter I did my best not to buy a faux fur. 
This year however, I am going to be dripping in the stuff! It is so soft, like insanely real feeling.  
I am really happy with it.

Ruby + Ed slippers I think they are the sweetest little things I have set eyes on in ages. 
I never actually wear slippers but they sure do look pretty!

I don’t have pictures yet as I am waiting on some of my orders to arrive...
A Pencil skirt, patent black court shoes, AMAZING leg bone leggings and some AP stockings.

So very happy


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