Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pin-Up Hair styles: Victory Roll

Pin-Up Hair style: Victory Roll
I really need a recording device to show people how to do it, It was harder to do this via photographs than I originally barged for!

You will need:
A Hair Rat
A hair doughnut
Bobby Pins
A smoothing brush
A parting comb.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to stuff your stocking with your own hair to make this
What I have done is cut my bun doughnut ring in order to make one.
Most good beauty stores will have them in all shades and length.
I wanted mine long in order to be able to create a few styles with it.
The first style is in a U and taken from under the hair
The second is used by rolling over the hair
The third is rolled from the side.

First step
Section off your hair
Leaving the front down and the back clipped up out of the way

Then take your hair rat and roll from the bottom, covering ALL of the rat with your hair
(worry about the sides when styling and securing with bobby pins)

 Once you roll it up fully take your bobby pins and secure.
I bent mine in to a U shape to create a "widows peak" type victory roll.
Cover the sided of the hair rat with your hair and pin securely.
Excuse my fly away hairs, I didn't notice prior to taking the picture!

For this look I rolled the hair rat from ABOVE the hair.
I took all the same steps but kept it straight across and did not bend it.

I made the roll my main feature and took the rest of my hair up in a messy swirly bun

And Finally the side Victory Roll
Doing everything the exact same
Once you get the hand of it, you can make them neater and more  complex.
You can use hair sprat( I'm all out) and as many bobby pins as you need (I had TWO!)

And were done!
Hope you have fun rolling!
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